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SP 23 - Content Writing for Search Engine Optimization: SEO Writer Certification course card SP 24 - Content Writing for Search Engine Optimization: SEO Writer Certification is a Course

SP 24 - Content Writing for Search Engine Optimization: SEO Writer Certification


$500 Enroll

Full course description

Asynchronous course created in collaboration with Laura Briggs and NMSU On Demand.

Enrollment: This course is open for enrollment. 

Course Start Date: You may begin the course any time after Wednesday, March 1, 2023.  

Skills Needed for Search Engine Optimization Training:

Basic English/writing skills. 

No prior SEO knowledge is needed. The course is appropriate for SEO beginners.  

SEO Training Audience:

Become an SEO Professional by learning SEO basics.

Learners who wish to supplement their existing education with a valuable, marketable skill either for a full-time position in content writing, online marketing, content marketing or to start their own business.

Demand for digital marketing, communication, and business writing are in extremely high demand. According to research by Visual Objects, 63% of companies already invest in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) writing, and that number is growing. Demand for both freelance SEO writers and in-house SEO writers continues to increase.

SEO Course Overview:

This course provides an overview of the art and science of writing for search engine optimization in digital marketing. Students will learn about SEO techniques, search engines, precise and effective writing skills for modern business, how to conduct keyword research, and how to write content that speaks to search engines and end readers.

In addition, in this SEO for beginners course, students will develop an understanding of the search engine algorithm, off-page SEO and the importance of link building, social media marketing, influencer outreach, and other strategies that aim to increase the website's authority, relevance, and popularity in the eyes of search engines. For SEO writers, understanding domain authority is essential as it helps them identify authoritative websites to target for link-building and guest-posting opportunities. 

By the end of this SEO Beginners training course, learners should be able to:

    • Recognize the role SEO plays in digital marketing to drive organic traffic.
    • Conduct keyword research for SEO.
    • Write comprehensive, accurate, and researched articles for search engine optimization and demonstrate their knowledge of SEO.
    • Create a Digital Marketing Strategy to drive organic traffic to a website.
    • Create off-page SEO to increase organic traffic. 

SEO Certification: Credit Received From Content Writing for Search Engine Optimization Training:

Upon completing this SEO training, learners will obtain an SEO Certificate of Completion (micro-credential) for their digital backpack, demonstrating they have gained knowledge of SEO and the skills necessary to begin work in this exciting field.

Student Testimonials from Training:

“The course gave me the tools I’d need to present myself more confidently, improve my writing and even look ahead at leveling up my writing business. This course is designed to help writers go from beginner to expert…fast. Like carve-out-a-weekend-and-complete-a-course fast.” (Laura N., Freelance writer from California) 

 “Laura’s course changed the entire way I approach my workload! It was invaluable to me. The class taught me the exact skills I need to not only write better content, but actually made the process way easier! My advice for VAs and freelance writers: Take this course before you do anything else!!! Writing for SEO isn’t hard – but you absolutely have to know the key elements so that you don’t spin your wheels generating content that doesn’t actual move the needle.” (Elena O., Freelance writer from New Jersey) 

 "Laura’s SEO course gave me the tools I needed to quit a secure, full-time job during the pandemic after having graduated from college just 6 months prior. It was the scariest thing I’ve ever done, but I’ll never look back, and I owe it all to this course. 

 I only knew the basics of SEO, but I was at a loss in terms of SEO strategy, what tools to use for keyword research, and many other details you need to thrive as an SEO writer. Laura's course taught me everything I needed. 

 Overall, I could not recommend this course more highly.” 
(Caroline Mameesh) 

About the Instructor:

Laura Briggs, The Freelance CoachLaura Briggs is a freelance writer turned coach who loves showing part-time side hustlers and full-time independent contractors how to build a profitable freelance business they love.

She is a Freelance Coach, Legal SEO Writer, Author, Speaker, Blogger, and Podcaster. She is also a teacher, writer, wife, military spouse, pet mom of 6, freelancer, and entrepreneur. 

Laura Briggs is the Author of:

  • The Six-Figure Freelancer
  • Start Your Own Freelance Writing Business
  • How to Become a Virtual Assistant
  • Remote Work for Military Spouses 

Laura Briggs is a Speaker at TEDx Talks:

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